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    DayThink Audio Features

-- 2005 --

  November 20

Sony's "Exploding" CDs!
(Sony / Digital Rights Management / DRM / CDs / Music / Piracy)

  October 22

Congress and the Digital TV Squeeze Play
(Digital TV / Congress / DTV / Television)

  October 13

How to Take Over the Worl... Er, Internet!
(Internet Governance / ICANN / Dept. of Commerce / United Nations)

  October 9

Never Pay For Books Again!
(Books / Google / Copyright)

  September 26

Bush's New Clothes
(Bush / Katrina / Rita)

 September 7

Lies, Damned Lies, and Politicians
(Lies / Katrina / Iraq / Politicians)

 August 4 Lights! Camera! Pentagon!
(Pentagon / Hollywood / Science / Movies)

 July 28 Daylight Saving Stupidity
(Daylight Saving Time / Energy / Congress)

 July 26 Shoot to Kill
(London / Bombings / Police / Terrorism)

 July 18 Karl Rove Meets
Gilbert and Sullivan (Lyrics)
(Karl Rove / White House / Gilbert and Sullivan)

 May 19 Filibuster Wars:
Revenge of the Frist
(Filibusters / Judges / Senate)

  Mar 13 Business 101: Let the
Punishment Fit the Crime

(Harvard / Hacking / Admissions)

  Feb 28 File-Sharing Systems:
No Way Out

(File Sharing / P2P / RIAA / MPAA
 Movies / Music / Piracy)

  Feb 23 Do Drug Ads Kill?
(Drugs / FDA / Advertising / TV)

  Feb 21 Our Brave Warriors:
Aim High, Get the Shaft

(Iraq / Bush / Military)

  Feb 18 USA Censorship a Go-Go!
(Freedom of Speech / Congress
 TV / Radio )

  Feb 17 Big Brother Under Your Hood
(Privacy / Autos)

  Feb 16 The Mother is Back!
(Telecom / Mergers)

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